Who we are

The Think Tank Entertainment is a Global concept, content, creative and strategy Entertainment Company. We are a full service integrated entertainment network. We’re in the business of getting people to fall in love with our clients’ products and services. We are the biggest players in Real Estate and Luxury Cars in terms of clientele. Along with the massive list of Corporate and Lifestyle clientele, we are the makers and the management team for Mass Concerts in the likes of - Arijit Singh

live at DY Patil Stadium 2015 (more than 35,000 people), Color Blast 2013-14, Honey Singh 2013, Color Splatter 2016, Sula Fest 2016, Rotary Centennial Race 2016 (Guinness World Record Holder for World’s Largest Horseshoe). We have offices in New Jersey, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and the Head Office is located in Mumbai. We passionately believe in the power of thoughts to create experiences and inspire the world to change for the better... "We Have No Excuses”.

Our ethos


We want to delve into life in REAL TIME – not yesterday nor tomorrow but now


We are EXCITED about every little brainchild

Without PASSION, there is no life. Only routine.



We are the kind of people who jump over walls and enter abandoned buildings. CURIOSITY might have killed the cat but we THRIVE on it.



To make our DREAMS COME TRUE. And yours too.


Abhishek Mazumder

Founder & CEO

The chief “Thinker” of The Think Tank Entertainment, this “Charm Exuding Officer (CEO)” is a Master of all trades. His experience in managing Luxury Car & Real Estate clients is extensive. He thrives on chaos, loves to multi-task and has enthusiasm enough to fill football stadiums. This young leader also happens to be a gifted singer, guitarist and MMA enthusiast (watch out if you rub him the wrong way!).

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Business Development Manager


Operations Head


Senior Creative 3D Visualizer

The tea-totaller of the team, he is famous for sipping on tea with his lunch. A master of 3D rendering, he was bestowed the nickname Baahubali because of his brute strength and thoughtful demeanour


Client Servicing Head


Executive Assistant to CEO


Client Servicing Manager


Head Visualizer

People believe that life is all about experiences, but Sharanya believes it’s all about 'Experiencing Life'. Whether it is giving life to a mundane ad brief, or designing a medical infographic, she creates an experience where people can't ignore the consequences.


Digital and Development Head


Graphic Designer

When not in front of his computer designing, he is either speeding across the city lights on his bike, listening to heavy metal music He’s committed to staying up to date with trending design and constantly challenges himself to learn more.


Copy/Content Writer

A known good listener (because he does not talk much). Professional in petting stray cats (because he cannot adopt one). A prolific writer (because that's pretty much all he is good at).


Graphic Designer

This Delhi-ite from Gujarat has now shifted to Bombay. Loves being around people who are on the same wavelength as her. Armed with a pencil and notebook she is a serial sketch artist and journal writer. She looks for the silver lining in every dark cloud so life can never bring her down.


Marketing Executive


Production Executive

He was handpicked by the CEO from a bunch of volunteers at our music festival, Totempole. No amount of stress can wipe the innocent smile off this young lad’s face.


Production Executive

His wry sense of humour will crack you up in the most high stress situations. This lanky giant is calm, polite and such a useful resource, he taught himself DTP on the job just so he could be more useful



An accountant on job but a Kathak dancer at heart, she is a diehard fan and follower of Madhuri Dixit. She also happens to be a big-time movie buff and is just crazy about Hill stations. You can mess with her but not with her balance sheet.


Production Executive