SD Corp Nayi Subah

SD Corp’s initiative Nayi Subah has rehoused 1,250 families to their dream homes in Kandivali East, Mumbai. No less than 10,000 people attended one of the biggest key handover ceremonies in the nation, where the keys to 1,250 homes were given to eager families. The historic event was successfully conceptualized, managed and executed by The Think Tank Entertainment.

The massive show had two main entries – coloured blue and white for easy differentiation – with 120 personnel managing the crowd. To create a delightful experience for the VIPs, flat owners and their families, T3 put together three zones at different levels of the massive complex in Thakur Village that included a registration desk, multiple entry points, VIP lounge and the main event area.

The entry was decorated with fairy lights. There was a dome-shaped canopy to welcome guests. Mojo barricading was used to manage the crowd and to differentiate between the general guests and VIPs. The main stage bore the Nayi Subah logo with a backdrop in blue with an in-lit acrylic logo

The evening began with a scintillating classical fusion performance by the band “HarmoNoNium” with frontman Omkar. The announcement of the key distribution ceremony left everybody in awe. Drones carrying a key cutout hovered high above the audience and off went a celebratory confetti blast, bringing a wave of jubilation in the crowd. The Nayi Subah logo animation played on the big screen and the emcee called the flat owners on stage to receive their keys. A traditional Maharashtrian dance act by performers dressed in red and gold sarees roused the audience to a fever pitch when they waved the flag. There was a thrill in the air as the evening ended with a brilliant display of fireworks from the terrace.

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