Mercedes-Benz Showroom Launch

The Think Tank Entertainment was at the helm when Mercedes-Benz introduced Landmark Cars and inaugurated two showrooms in Thane and Kandivali recently, the one in Thane being the biggest in Mumbai.

traverse, guests were then ushered around the entire venue in a golf cart. An LED screen with side panels bore the Landmark logo as the speakers took to the stage for media interactions. The afternoon ended with a delicious lunch

After the launch of the showroom in Thane, the guests moved to Kandivali for Phase Two, which was another ribbon cutting and launch. The showroom was decorated with a floral gate and floral rangoli with samay in the showroom.

Back in Thane, T3 was getting the venue ready for Phase Three in the evening. The façade of the showroom and the service centre were given a beautiful wash of blue with a huge Mercedes-Benz logo revolving on top of the building. A huge crowd of Thane’s population had gathered outside to witness what the entire spectacle was about.

The exclusive show had guests by invite only. The garden area was decorated with glowing white lanterns & fairy lights. There were cocktail tables with beautiful ceramic centerpieces. The pathway for the golf carts was lit up with charming lamps. People mingled and networked over cocktails as they waited for the show to begin.

The evening began in the garden area with the emcee extending a warm welcome, followed by an acrobatic duo. The act ended with a human formation of the Mercedes-Benz logo. To mark the opening of the showroom for the invitees, an exciting countdown took place. Once the showroom was declared open to the guests, there were fireworks in the sky which added to the beauty of the entire launch.

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